Electronic Components

It’s no doubt that in 21 century the development of electronic information is the greatest impact on the human’s life. Lately, mobile devices even have been used widely and frequently in our daily life.

Bondtec persists in advanced development of industrial tape and provide more and more optimized solutions in electronic products for our partners. Own your competition by using Bondte’c electrical tape, insulation tape, protection tape, and masking tape. Excellent performance with attractive price.

Item No. Substrate Total
Thickness (mm)
831-9W Glass Cloth 0.180 Acrylic
832FH Glass Cloth 0.180 Silicone
921F Nomex Paper 0.125 Acrylic (FR)
BT61-3 Polyester film/Glass filament 0.180 Acrylic
BT61-R Polyester film/Glass filament 0.180 Rubber

The representative products given above are only part of our products. For particular requirements,
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