Solar Energy

Bondtec is a leading adhesive tape manufacture, providing multiple applications’ tapes. With the latest trend of green energy, several innovative solutions were designed and created for solar industry.

Bondtec’s solar tapes spun off from the favorite masking and dielectric insulation tapes. Consistent in reliable electrical insulation, excellent bonding, high performance pressure-sensitive, and conform to the demand of easy and fast assembly, clean mounting, long-term durability, and UV resistance for outdoor use.

We are flexible with any customized request and innovation solutions of any challenge. Contact us to benefit from the stable quality with attractive price and profit into your products.

Item No. Substrate Total
Thickness (mm)
371R PET Film 0.064 Thermosetting Rubber
370S-T PET Film 0.055 Acrylic
284 PET Film 0.070 Silicone
293 PET Film 0.089 Silicone
911-11 Polyimide Film 0.064 Silicone
911-325 Polyimide Film 0.090 Silicone
932FH PTFE Film 0.098 Silicone
932FH-5 PTFE Film 0.178 Silicone
932FH-5A PTFE Film 0.182 Acrylic
932FS High Modulus PTFE Film 0.098 Silicone
945FH-3S PTFE coated Glass Cloth 0.130 Silicone
AF11 Aluminum Foil 0.110 Acrylic
AF11-2 Aluminum Foil 0.085 Acrylic
BT12-2T PE Film 0.120 Acrylic
BT14-BL MOPP Film 0.125 Rubber
CFT-23CD Tin-Coated Copper Foil 0.063 Acrylic
CF45CD Copper Foil 0.065 Acrylic

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