Bondtec provides custom-made solutions for automotive manufacturer or Tier supplier worldwide.

Bondtec’s specialty adhesive tapes used in automotive industry are featured in acoustic insulation, noise damping, decorative and protective purposes, which enable easily die-cut and permanent mounting for vehicle assembling. Excellent performance in wire harnessing and no flagging.

Bontec’s tapes could meet a wide variety of automotive manufacturing, engineering requests and achieve the stringent quality requirement of the automotive-tape OEM/EDM.

In the increased demand of electronic devices inside the vehicle, please refer to Bontec’s other electrical tapes.

** Wire Harnessing Tape (FR:Flame Retardent)

Item No. Substrate Total Thickness (mm) Adhesive Type
835F PET Cloth 0.20 Acrylic(FR)
835F-20 PET Cloth 0.250 Acrylic(FR)
832R-5BF Fiberglass Gloth 0.19 Thermosetting Rubber
P727ET Fiberglass Gloth + Aluminum Foil 0.16 Silicone
P727 Fiberglass Gloth + Aluminum Foil 0.19 Silicone
FT250A PET Fleece Gloth 0.27 Acrylic(FR)
371F-N PET Film 0.06 Acrylic(FR)
CP17-1 PET + PP Film 0.17 Rubber

** Protection Tape

Item No. Substrate Total Thickness (mm) Adhesive Type
BT12-1T PE Film 0.12 Acrylic
BT12-3W PP Film 0.10 Acrylic
BT12-5W PP Film 0.13 Acrylic
BT30-1 Cotton Fabric 0.26 Rubber/Resin
BT50-1W PE Film 0.055 Resin-based Acrylic

** Bonding-Double Side Tape

Item No. Substrate Total Thickness (mm) Adhesive Type
8200-B Tissue 0.16 Acrylic
850E Tissue 0.16 Acrylic
8600-6NC (Nil) 0.06 Acrylic
8600-13NC (Nil) 0.13 Acrylic
8600-8MG (Nil) 0.08 Acrylic
8600-12MG (Nil) 0.125 Acrylic

The representative products given above are only part of our products. For particular requirements,
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