#BT910TC-I Thermally Conductive Adhesive coated to a 1.5 mil thermally polyimide film Tapes are designed to provide a preferential heat-transfer path between heat-generating components and heat sinks or other cooling devices’s label & insulation application.

  • These tapes are tacky pressure sensitive adhesives loaded with thermally conductive powder that do not require a heat cure cycle to form an excellent bond to many substrates.
  • Only pressure is needed to form an excellent bond and thermal interface.
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  • 基材: 聚酰亞胺薄膜
  • Substrate: Polyimide Film
  • 總厚度/Total Thickness (mm): 0.110
  • 膠系: Acrylic
  • Adhesive Type: 壓克力膠
  • 對鋼板黏著力/Adhesion to Steel (g/25mm): 600